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Digital Crime Scene Investigation: Your Guide to Fighting Fraud and Chargebacks

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Skip reveals his ground breaking approach to investigating digital crime; one that has already received accolades from law enforcement and security professionals from around the globe.


Digital Crime Scene Investigation: A Digital Crime Whodunnit - Your Guide to Fighting Fraud and Chargebacks. “A digital crime is a human crime committed online. Your fraud data tells a story, a crime story filled with information that can solve the mystery of your fraud investigation. Many times problems are left unresolved simply because the approach of an investigator needs to be realigned to the digital environment."

Skip will explain how this approach has been used to deal with CNP fraud and chargebacks with great success. Learn the 5 Steps for Digital Crime Scene Investigation and details for linking virtual evidence. This presentation provides practical tools that you can take away and apply in your businesses the very next day.

Who Should Watch?
Fraud Managers and Investigators, Fraud Analysts, Law Enforcement Professionals, Risk Managers, E-commerce Managers, M-commerce managers, Finance Professionals, Chargeback Specialists, Call Center Agents, IT/Operations.

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