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Our Team

Ruin a Bad Guy's Day brings together leading domestic and international fraud prevention experts to help you fight CNP fraud, identity theft, and cyber criminals. We are committed to helping you reduce losses, provide insight and advice on criminal trends, and ultimately help you increase sales while Ruining a Bad Guy's Day.

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Ruin a Bad Guy's Day Specialties: Retail Loss Prevention & Inventory Control, (CNP) Card-Not-Present Payments and Fraud Detection, Risk Assessments, Payments and Fraud Strategy Development, Electronic Commerce, Fraud Investigations, Application Fraud, Identity Authentication and Verification, Card Issuing, Acquiring Product Strategy, EMV deployment, Public Speaking and Training.


RBGD and Skip Myers' experience span over 30 years across law enforcement, fraud investigations, retail loss prevention, crime prevention, emergency preparedness, EAS security, e-commerce risk strategy and on-line fraud prevention.


Skip has been a featured speaker at such events as Retail Risk London, Retail Risk Dublin, Retail Risk New York, National Retail Federation (NRF) Fraud and Loss Prevention Conference, CNP Expo Orlando, Kount Summit, Fraud 360 Tour, and a host of other seminars, webinars, and workshops around the world.


Skip is actively involved with industry events as a speaker and contributor to articles covering a range of topics that include, “How to Ruin a Bad Guy’s Day”.

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Tony Sales


Tony ‘King-Con’ Sales is a world-leading fraud prevention expert and an ex-world-class fraudster.


“Unless you’ve seen the world through the eyes of a criminal, how can you anticipate their next move?”


In this Underworld.TV exclusive series, you’ll get to see the world through the eyes of a fraudster and in the process, you’ll learn some invaluable lessons on how to protect yourself.

Britain's Greatest Fraudster, a reformed character using insider knowledge, helps UK retailers fight back against targeted retail fraud attacks.

“As a fraudster, I was always able to think outside the box. Making the most of my specialist fraud expertise, I have made a career working alongside retailers to combat retail fraud.”

Specialties: I.D. Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Bank Fraud, Internet Fraud, Public Speaking.

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We Fight Fraud

We Fight Fraud is a new approach to combatting the ever rising epidemic of UK frauds. We bring together leading corporate consultancies in a super tag team fight to the end. It’s Fraudsters, Cyber Crime, Social Engineering, Public outreach and leading consultants wrapped up in the cinematographic works of its own film production.


We want people from all walks of life and corners of the UK to join us in this fight against fraud and learn how to prevent the worst taking hold of your hard earned money. Whilst the rest tolerate fraud, we fight fraud.

Learning to combat frauds requires knowledge of how the scams operate. If you can learn to spot the common methods, you can fight back and ruin the day of the humble fraudster.


Online resources are available to guide your education and protect yourself and all you care about.

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Crime is a constantly evolving beast. Both sides of the law are locked in an arms race to gain the upper hand. To provide training and pubic awareness, media has to reflect these developments. That is where Underworld.TV is uniquely placed to assist. ​


Our team of creative associates has intimate, first-hand knowledge of a wide spectrum of criminal activity from hi-tech digital fraud to armed robbery, from people trafficking to pickpocketing.


Our team can provide media services around the subject of crime from unique access and technical advice to content creation and full production services. 

The Antisocial Engineer

The Antisocial Engineer Limited is an ethical social engineering consultancy helping organizations to protect themselves against malicious attacks. Our clients range from banks to leading multinationals — anyone with data, financial resources, intellectual property or a reputation to protect. 


Our team includes experienced social engineers as well as individuals with specific technical strengths. 


Web Application Testing is performed by our highly acclaimed ethical hackers with an extensive public exhibit of bug bounty work.


eTheft is the illegal theft and exploitation of all types of data from both digital and physical means. We are not here to tell you how to run your function within your company. We can offer a unique perspective, one that has never before been available until now.

We live in a digital world where crime happens at the speed of broadband. It really is that easy when you know how to attack a company and overnight ruin a reputation that has been built up over years. 


We have experts in the entire field who can manage an attack both digitally and physically. eTheft works in cooperation with  Tony Sales, a world leading fraud prevention consultant a new pioneer in the world of fraud prevention.