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Our Expertise

We are the authority on fraud prevention and risk solution strategies. Our experts will provide solutions and realistic recommendations to enhance your overall fraud prevention strategy while assisting you with reducing chargebacks. Our experts will assist you with your investigation and provide due diligence with analyzing the elements of evidence for possible criminal prosecution. 

Fraud Strategy Analysis

Our experts will review your overall fraud prevention strategy, chargeback information, data collection, product assortment, and internal processes. We will make recommendations to increase the efficiency of your team's ability to reduce losses and increase sales.

Chargeback Analysis

Our experts will analyze your chargebacks and reason codes. We will deliver analysis and insight into commonalities of loss, identify high-risk categories, and provide recommendations to reduce chargebacks and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Business Rules Analysis

Our team will provide in-depth analysis of your fraud solution business rules. We will discuss your concerns and provide realistic recommendations to maximize your business rules effectiveness for reducing false positives and preventing fraud.

Public Speaking

Skip Myers is sought after worldwide for his engaging, entertaining, and thought provoking presentations at security conferences, offsite meetings, and webinar events. 


Skip has been a keynote speaker at such events as Retail Risk London and Retail Risk New York.


Popular demand for Myers' fraud prevention expertise and inspiring speeches has included engagements to speak at Retail Risk Dublin, National Retail Federation (NRF) Fraud and Loss Prevention Conference, CNP Expo Orlando, Kount Summit, Fraud 360 Tour, and a host of other seminars, webinars, and workshops.

Investigation Review

Our experts will assist you with your fraud investigation and provide due diligence with analyzing the elements of evidence for possible criminal prosecution.


Our investigative review will help you understand what law enforcement requires from to open a criminal investigation against your fraudster.


We will make recommendations to strengthen your case for consideration by law enforcement and ensure you have the right evidence for criminal prosecution.

Vendor Evaluation

Finding the right fraud solution provider to fit your needs is a lengthy process. Are you looking to increase your on-line sales, reduce fraud and chargebacks, or just move from your in-house system to a known fraud solution provider?


Our team will help you understand and evaluate what fraud solution service works best for you.


We'll help you understand implementation time frames, integration fees, your ROI, and assist you with writing your business case.